James P. Dilger, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Webmaster, Sleeptalker Editor
Phone: (631) 444-3458

  • Education   
  • 1974-79 Stony Brook University. Ph.D. Physics/Biophysics
  • 1980-82 University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. Postdoc in Physiology
  • 1982-84 Stony Brook University. Postdoc in Neurobiology
  • Research Interests   
  • Mechanisms of anesthetic action
  • Ligand gated ion channel kinetics
  • TRPM7 channels
  • Publications   
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  • Recent Presentations   
  • Khan N, Zheng G, Dilger JP. Volatile anesthetics suppress desensitization of a1 and a1b glycine receptor currents. 9th International Conference on Mechanisms of Anesthesia, June 2015
  • Groeneveld K, Dilger JP, Urban BW. Single channel characterization of human 5-HT3A QDA receptors. 9th International Conference on Mechanisms of Anesthesia, June 2015
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