Wesam Andraous, MD

Assistant Professor
Phone: 631-444-2975
Stony Brook Medicine Profile
  • Education   
  • MB, BCh, Alexandria Medical School, Alexandria University, Egypt (2002)
  • General Surgery, Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, NY (2011)
  • Anesthesiology, Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, NY (2012)
  • MD, State University of New York, NY (2014)
  • Anesthesiology Residency, Stony Brook University Medical Center, NY
  • Publications   
  • Recent Presentations   
  • Zia H, Oleszak S, Andraous W.
    Complex Airway management for neck dissection, tonsillectomy and removal of vocal cord lesion combined.
    PGA 2016
  • Zia H, Oleszak SP, Andraous W.
    Complex Airway Management for Vocal Cord Lesion, Partial Glossectomy, Partial Palatectomy, Tonsillectomy, Pharyngectomy and Radical Neck Dissection combined.
    ASA 2017
  • Al-Bizri E, Sanchez CA, Andraous WF.
    Complex Airway Management During Transoral Resection Of Cervical Spine Chordoma.
    ASA 2018
  • Khalili M, Tsai K, Andraous WF.
    Awake Tracheostomy In A Dyspneic Patient With Airway Obstruction Caused By A Supraglottic Tumor.
    ASA 2018
  • Yau G, Cheung R, Andraous W.
    Heliox Application During Awake Tracheostomy.
    PGA 2018
  • Al Bizri E, Sanchez C, Andraous W.
    Airway Management During Transoral Resection Of Cervical Spinal Chordoma.
    PGA 2018
  • Brar C, Andraous WF. Ludwig's Angina Complications and Difficult Airway Algorithm Application to an Emergency Case. ASA 2019
  • Pasiliao J, Yau G, Andraous WF, Stemke L. Intrathecal Pump Replacement Under Transverse Abdominis Plane Block. ASA 2019
  • Brar C, Andraous W. Ludwig's Angina Complications And Difficult Airway Algorithm Application. PGA 2019