Ana Costa, MD

Associate Professor
Associate Residency Program Director
Phone: 631-444-2975
Stony Brook Medicine Profile
  • Education   
  • M.D. - Weill Cornell Medical College, NY
  • Anesthesiology Residency - New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, NY
  • Publications   
  • Recent Presentations   
  • Ma S, Costa AC, Al Bizri E 49 Year Old Female with Blue Discoloration of Limb After Indigo Carmine Administration. ASA 2019
  • Kim B, Costa AC, Schabel JE. Changes in Practice for Obstetric Anesthesia in Parturients During the Covid-19 Pandemic. ASA 2020
  • Bracero L, Alam S, Wang E, Costa AC, Schabel JE. Subdural Hematoma Requiring Surgical Evacuation Following Dural Puncture Epidural (DPE): a Newly Reported Complication. ASA 2020
  • Alam S, Bracero LA, Costa AC, Schabel JE, Bergese SD. Subdural Hematoma Following Dural Puncture Epidural in a Patient with a Chronic Right Parietal Hemangioma. ASA 2020
  • Watson E, Costa A. Considerations for Endotracheal Intubation Management in COVID-19 Patients with Permissive Hypoxemia. ASA 2021
  • Kang RS, Bracero LA, Figueroa C, Shuaib K, Watson E, Xiao A, Gidicsin C, Romeiser J, Costa AC, Bennett-Guerrero E. AIRWAY: Improving Preparation for Floor Intubations. ASA 2021
  • Mitchell D, Pasillao J, Siddique U, Shuminov R, Taft A, Ma S, Miles J, Costa A, Romeiser J, Azim S. Impact of Patient Education on Satisfaction, Anxiety, and Knowledge in Patients Undergoing Adductor Canal Blocks. ASA 2021
  • Costa A, Chandran L, Schabel J, Abola R, Fischel J. Practice Habits And Data Analytics In Anesthesiology Resident Education. PGA 2021
  • Parikh S, Alam S, Costa A, Angelo T. Anesthesia For Cesarean Section in a Parturient with Alagille Syndrome. ASA 2021
  • Sarwari J, Abola R, Costa A. Retrospective Study On C-Sections With General Anesthesia In A Tertiary Hospital. PGA 2022
  • Crugnola W, Costa A, Abola R, Al Bizri E. Institutional Prevalence Of Sugammadex Use In Pediatric Patients. PGA 2022
  • Shibly Y, Kant I, Fischl A, Costa A. Anticipated Difficult Airway Management In A Patient With Head/Neck Sarcoma. PGA 2022
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  • Junior Member of the Donoho Academy of Clinical and Educational Scholars