Eman Nada, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Division Chief: Regional Anesthesia
Phone: 631-444-2975
Stony Brook Medicine Profile
  • Education  
  • University of Alexandria, Egypt - MBBCh
  • University of Alexandria, Egypt - PhD
  • University of Alexandria, Egypt - Anesthesiology Residency
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Anesthesiology Residency
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation - Neuroanesthesia Fellowship
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation - Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain
  • Publications  
  • PubMed Search
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  • Recent Presentations  
  • Nada E, Rayaz H, Anitscue M. Regional Anesthesia in the Presence of Pre-existing Neurologic Disease. Clinical Forum. ASA 2018
  • Nada E. Anesthesiologists Role in Breast Cancer Reconstruction: Saving the Graft and Preventing the Pain. PBLD. ASA 2019
  • Nada E, Rayaz H, Anitscue M. Prolonging Nerve Blocks. ASA 2020
  • Book Chapters  
  • Nada EM, Ridcliff N. Anesthesia for neuroradiology. In: 5 Minute Anesthesia Consult 2012. Editor Nina Ridcliff MD. ISBN-13: 978-1451118940.
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