Vahé Tateosian, MD, FAAP

Assistant Professor
Phone: 631-444-2975
Stony Brook Medicine Profile
  • Education   
  • St. George's University School of Medicine - MD
  • Nassau University Medical Center, NY - Anesthesiology Residency
  • Nassau University Medical Center, NY - Internship
  • Cleveland Clinic Hospital, OH - Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship
  • Publications   
  • Recent Presentations   
  • Licata S, Tateosian V. Difficult Airway Management in a 21 Month Old with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. ASA 2017
  • Smith J, Licata S, Tateosian V. Management of Two Large Intracranial Aneurysms in a 2-Month-Old Female. ASA 2017
  • Smestad A, Tateosian V. Newborn With Fetal Exposure to Zika Virus With Large Lumbar Myelomeningocele. PGA 2018
  • Mavarez-Martinez A, Al-Bizri E, Tateosian VS. Transversus Abdominus Plane Block in Neonates: An Underutilized Approach for PostOperative Pain Management. Perioperative Medicine Summit, Orlando Mar 2020
  • Mavarez-Martinez A, Tateosian VS. Comparison of Simulation with Problem Based Learning Discussions for Anesthesia Training. IARS 2020
  • Kang RS, Kim Y, Tateosian V. Perioperative Management of a Patient with Heterotaxy Syndrome. ASA 2021
  • Mathew A, Watson E, Guyen V, Tateosian V. Airway Challenges In a Neonate With Congenital Epulis. PGA 2021
  • Kang RS, Christophides A, Mena S, Tateosian V. Foreign Body Detected During Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Case Report. IARS 2022
  • Christophides A, Poghosyan V, Tateosian V. Perioperative morbidity within the incubation period of COVID-19 infection. IARS 2022
  • Hafeman M, Poghosyan V, Ahmad SM, Tateosian V. Perioperative morbidity in a child with severe obstructive sleep apnea. IARS 2022
  • Christophides A, Redmond V, Tateosian VS. Anesthetic Management of Pediatric Cerebral Aneurysm Intervention. ASA 2022
  • Christophides A, Redmond V, Tateosian VS. Preoperative Predictors of Postoperative Complications in the Pediatric Population with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. ASA 2022