It's Lit

Orlando (site of ASA meeting
and some well known attractions) - October 2019
Updated: 10-29-19
  The Stony Brook Anesthesiology 🔥 IT'S LIT 🔥 Program endeavors to promote patient safety by uplifting our workforce in an environment of peace and harmony. Our aim is to strike work-life balance, fitness, health, and coping skills for all members of our department. We acknowledge that each member of the department belongs to a family and we welcome them to participate in our activities.

🔥 IT'S LIT 🔥

Hallowe'en Party - October 2019

🔥 IT'S LIT 🔥 Activities
  • BBQs
  • Happy Hours
  • Holiday Parties
  • Spartan Race
  • Dinners
  • Mindfulness sessions/workshops
  • Bowling
  • Ski Trip
  • Women’s Night
  • Baby Showers

Here are some pics from our Fun Foto Album!
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Recommended Reading
  The December 2018 edition of the ASA Monitor featured a series of articles on “Occupational Health”.
  Remaining Healthy in a World Where We Treat the Sick Every Day
  Get a Grip! How to Cope Without Letting Go
  Body, Mind and Soul: Toward Wholeness and Healing
  Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue – Recognizing the Warnings and Finding Solutions
  Maintaining Your Health With Proper Nutrition and Exercise

Pool Party Bash Extravaganza - July 2019
Holiday Party - December 2018
Team Stony Brook Anesthesiology at the Spartan Race - November 2018
Team Stony Brook Anesthesiology at the Spartan Race - April 2018
Holiday Party - December 2017
Holiday Party - December 2016
"Running of the Bulls" 5k race - Sept 2017
Beach Volleyball with VA Hospital colleagues - July 2018
Puppy Social Wellness Event - Dec 2017
Prayer Service for Healthcare Professionals, led by Rev. Dr. Tracie Saunders - Oct 2018