Anesthesia Patient Care Dashboard

Anesthesia Patient Care Dashboard Research Project

Dr. Ramon Abola
Dr. Scott Licata

The Affordable Care Act has put an increasing emphasis on improving the quality of care that physicians provide. In May of 2015, the Electronic Anesthesia record was rolled out into clinical practice at Stony Brook. The Electronic Medical Record as a whole represents an untapped resource to assess and improve quality and care in the department. Dr. Licata and Dr. Abola are conducting a research project to develop Anesthesia Patient Care Dashboards to track and trend measures that are meaningful to department initiatives (e.g. ERAS) and patient care outcomes (e.g. NSQIP). We are designing custom SQL code to query the Cerner Millennium Database for perioperative anesthetic data in an autonomous and iterative fashion. Our goal is that these dashboards will facilitate the tracking of data so that we can identify trends. This will allow us to intervene and change practice, when needed, in a timely and substantive way to improve patient care.