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Joshua Dubnau
Principal Investigator

  Dr. Josh Dubnau received his PhD in 1995 from Columbia University, Dept. of Genetics and Development. He then did post-doctoral research at Cold Spring Harbor Lab with Prof. Tim Tully and then started his own research group at CSHL in 2002. In 2016, Dr. Dubnau moved his group to Stony Brook, where he is now a Professor in the Anesthesiology Department with a joint appointment in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior. Dr. Dubnau's PhD work, postdoctoral work, and most of the work in his lab make use of fruit flies as a model organism. When Dr. Dubnau was an undergraduate, he worked on pheromone perception in the gypsy moth. And as a child, he often played with ants. So a common theme in Dr. Dubnau's life and training has been bugs.

Meng-Fu (Maxwell) Shih
Olfactory Memory Circuit

Yung-Heng (Forever) Chang
Retrotransposon Storm and ALS

Richard Keegan
PhD Student
Retrotransposon Storm and ALS

Jorge Aspurua
Retrotransposon Storm and ALS

Sarah Krupp
PhD Student
Retrotransposon Storm and Aging

Lillian Talbot
MD PhD student
Retrotransposon Storm and ALS

Enas Gad Elkarim
Senior research specialist





  • Molly Hammell, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Labs
  • Wen-Wei Liao, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Labs
  • Regina Shaw, Cold Spring Harbor Labs
  • Nikolay Rozhkov, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Labs
  • Ying Jin, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Labs
  • John M. Ravits, MD, University of California San Diego
  • Lisa Prazak, PhD, Farmingdale State College
Lab Alumni
  • Allison Blum (former PhD student)
  • Mike Cressy (Former PhD student)
  • Wanhe Li (Former PhD student)
  • Lisa Krug (Former PhD student)
  • Nabanita Chatterjee (Former Postdoc)
  • Amy Altick (Former Postdoc)
  • Lisa Prazak (Former Postdoc)
  • Hongtao Qin (Former Postdoc)
  • Claudia Jurgensen (Former Postdoc)
  • Jen Beshel (Former Postdoc)
  • Kathleen Morrill (Visiting student)
  • Rebeca Borges-Monroy (Visiting student)
  • Carmen Sandoval (Visiting student)
  • Delphine Theodorou (Visiting Student)
  • Servan Gruninger (Visiting Student)
  • Erik Kockenmeister (Lab Technician)


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