Academic Research Evening 2006

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Steve Shafer, Stanford University
"Critical Thinking in Anesthesia"

Renita Bakshi Biological validation of algorithmically derived virtual peptides as potential lead drug compounds Syosset HS
Lana Castor & Bonnie Lam The inhibition of mouse and human 5-HT3A receptors by ondansetron Jericho HS
Krutika Gupta Regulation of cellular calcium flux by intravenous anesthetics Ward Melville HS
James Smithy Single channel kinetics of the homomeric murine 5-HT3A receptor Ward Melville HS
Praneet Korrapati Development and validation of a new prostate cancer diagnostic marker Half Hollow Hills East HS
Poojitha Kondabolu Localization, expression and function of phospholipase C-d1: implications in understanding cell death and cell proliferation Half Hollow Hills West HS
Roslin Thongsri Activation of adult human acetylcholine receptors by decamethonium Stony Brook Undergrad
Zhongchi Luo Fluorescence calcium indicator dye Rhod2/AM delivery to rat somatosensory cortex: evaluation of tissue damage by MRI Stony Brook Grad
Achim Bell The influence of isoflurane on memory-related gene transcription USB Postdoc
Man Liu Interactions between competitive antagonists on human and mouse adult nACh receptors USB Postdoc
Michelle DiGuglielmo Incidence of postdural puncture headaches following labor epidural placement comparing loss of resistance to air versus saline in an academic institution USB Medical Student
Long T. Nguyen Attenuation of isoflurane-induced preconditioning and reactive oxygen species production in the aged rat heart Resident
Christopher Page Effects of volatile anesthetics on lipid microdomains studied using fluorescence resonance energy transfer and artificial membrane bilayers Resident
Craig Scannevin Use of dexmedetomidine and BIS monitor for adolescent posterior spinal fusion; case report Resident
James Dilger The thermodynamics of ligand binding to acetylcholine binding protein Faculty
Congwu Du The effect of cocaine on the rat brain apparent diffusion coefficient, cerebral blood volume and mean arterial blood pressure Faculty
Igor Izrailtyan Gender reelated differences in genetic polymorphisms and major adverse outcomes following cardiac surgery Faculty
Igor Izrailtyan Intraoperative diagnosis of a pulmonary artery thrombus using contrast-enhanced transesophageal echocardiography Faculty
Srinivas Pentyala Molecular cloning and recombinant expression of prostaglandin D2 synthase, a unique protein of cerebrospinal fluid Faculty
Srinivas Pentyala Safe epidural procedures: utilization of CSF marker protein to identify wet-taps Faculty
Srinivas Pentyala IGeneration and characterization of antibodies against CSF marker protein and validation in a diagnostic test kit Faculty
Srinivas Pentyala Biological validation of consensus glial-cell derived neurotropic factor (GDNF) peptides Faculty
Srinivas Pentyala Drug discovery using consensus sequences of protein processing through bioinformatics and screening of molecules by second messenger signaling assays Faculty
Mario Rebecchi Identifying nuclear binding partners of PIP2 by MS Faculty
Eleanor Romano Influence of gender on recovery from general anesthesia with isoflurane and fentanyl Faculty
Mihai Sadean Time to 'fitness to drive' in ambulatory endoscopy patients sedated with propofol Faculty
Bharthi Scott Gender differences in resource utilization in patients undergoing mitral valve surgery Faculty
SD Smith Direct measurement of intra ventricular and atrial pressures concurrent with MRI image acquisition Faculty
Ursula Landman Preemptive use of a nicotine patch for postoperative pain relief after open abdominal wall surgery Faculty