Academic Research Evening 2007

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Francis McGowan, MD, Childrens Hospital Boston
"Preserving the Infant Ventricle"

Amulya Veeraju A specific biomarker for CSF  
Anas Sawas GDNF derived peptides for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease  
Rachel Stephan Binding of compounds to cyclodextrins  
Michele Hendrickson Naloxone and it’s affect on mu-opiate receptor levels  
Man Liu Non-depolarizing neuromuscular antagonists: affinity and activation of the ACh receptor Postdoc
Lixin Liu Anesthetic preconditioning and aging Faculty
Igor Izrailtyan MRI imaging of the mouse heart-effects of VIP deficiency Faculty
Congwu Du Cocaine has a local anesthetic action in the brain-in vivo ca2+,o2 and blood flow measurements Faculty