Academic Research Evening 2008

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Keith A. Jones, University of Alabama
"Professionalism - What is it exactly?"

Keith Castanet Phospholipase Cδ1 and glioma proliferation USB Undergrad
Anup Gangavalli Efficacy of decamethonium at the human nicotinic acetylcholine receptor USB Undergrad
Roslin Thongsri Activation of adult human acetylcholine receptors by suxamethonium chloride USB Undergrad
Zhongchi Luo Effect of intravenous lidocaine on brain activation during non-noxious and acute noxious stimulation of the forepaw: A functional MRI study in the rat USB Grad
Zhongchi Luo Combining laser Doppler speckle contrast imaging and optical coherence tomography for quantitative imaging of cortical blood flow in rat brain. USB Grad
Yu Ma Mouse brain morphological differences resulted from in vivo and in vitro magnetic resonance microscopy Postdoc
Jiang Zhu Inhibiton of mitochondrial permeability transition pore mediated cardioprotection: The role of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β Postdoc
Daniel Cormican Early Clinical Exposure: First Year Medical Student “Anesthesiology Externship” Program Medical Student
Michelle DiGuglielmo Developing a Quality of Life Instrument for Ambulatory Surgery Resident
Steve Probst Novel use of neostigmine for post-operative ileus Resident
Rany Makaryus Isoflurane modulates E Coli mRNA Resident
Bharathi Scott Does gender influence Inotrope use in cardiac surgery? Impact of inotrope use on length of stay. Faculty
Bharathi Scott Factors influencing inotrope use in Coronary artery bypass graft surgery Faculty
Mario Rebecchi Expression and function of phospholipase C in breast carcinoma cell lines Faculty
Christopher Page Isoflurane modulates E Coli mRNA Faculty
Lixin Liu Age-associated changes in cardiac gene expression following preconditioning Faculty
Srinivas Pentyala Organization based, multidisciplinary teaching approach to biomedical science research and education: The SARAS Project. Faculty
Srinivas Pentyala Validation of lipocalin type prostaglandin-D2-synthase antibody adhesion to nano particles in the development of a lateral flow device to detect cerebrospinal fluid leaks Faculty
Deborah Richman Chest x-ray teaching by self-study module in pre-clinical medical education Faculty
Rishimani Adsumelli Can epidural analgesia effectively continue the gestation in preterm labor? Faculty
James Dilger Computer simulations of buffered diffusion of muscle relaxants into a synapse Faculty
Congwu Du Confocal fluorescence imaging to detect the drug-induced abnormality of intracellular Ca2+ in rat brain Faculty
Congwu Du Tracking of calcium dependent neuronal activity simultaneously with dynamic changes in cerebral blood volume and oxygenation in rat somotosensory cortex in vivo using multiple-wavelenght optical technology Faculty
Peggy Seidman Dexmedetomidine extension of local anesthetic effect of bupivacaine in a peripheral nerve block in rats Faculty
Peggy Seidman Teaching procedural skills: When and how often Faculty