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Visiting Professor, Dr. Maxime Cannesson

James P. Dilger, PhD

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    Hailing from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, our Visiting Professor this month is Maxime Cannesson, MD, PhD. Dr. Cannesson was appointed as Chairman of the department in July 2020. He has been at UCLA since 2015 and previously served the department as Vice Chair and Vice Chair for Research.

    Dr. Cannesson received his MD from Denis Diderot University, Saint Louis Hospital in Paris, France. His residency in anesthesiology was at Claude Bernard University, Hospices Civils de Lyon Medical Center in Lyon, France. Subsequently, he received a PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology from Claude Bernard University. In 2004, he came to the US and did a fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He then returned to France for 5 years where he was Assistant Chief of the clinic at Hopital Louis Pradel in Lyon. In 2009, Dr. Cannesson jetted back to southern California where he joined the Anesthesiology Department at UC Irvine and served as the Director Clinical Research. Six years later, he moved to UCLA.

    Dr. Cannesson's research is focused on phenomics, the study of the interaction of genes and the environment, and how it can shape the management of critically ill patients. His group uses computing and informatics to develop novel monitoring systems, and to develop predictive physiological tools.

    We originally expected to host Dr. Cannesson in January 2020, but the pandemic squashed those plans! Now, 14 months later, he will present Grand Rounds on March 23. Welcome to Stony Brook Dr. Cannesson!
STARS: STaff Appreciation and Recognition

Patient comments about our Ambulatory Surgery Center staff are compiled from the Press Ganey questionnaires by Marisa Barone-Citrano, MA

   Dr. Lauren Fleischer was superb. Her explanation re: anesthetic was excellent.

   Jamie Romeiser, PhD, MPH has been appointed Research Instructor in the Department of Anesthesiology. This appointment makes her a member of the Voluntary Faculty in the Renaissance School of Medicine. Congratulations!

   Faiza Qureshi, MBBS, PhD, CPHQ, CPPS just became a Certified Professional in-Patient Safety (CPPS) by taking and passing the certification exam. This is offered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Congratulations!

   Amit Kaushal, MD has received approval from the ACGME to create a Pain Fellowship in the department. We will be providing more details of this program in the near future. Congratulations!
Dental Anesthesiology Division News

Ralph Epstein, DDS

   I have some wonderful news to share!

   All 12 of our DA residents took this year's ITE during the first week of February. Our residents performed at the highest level. Here are some of the outstanding markers:
  • Dr. Benny Statman, one of our senior (DA-3) residents received the highest grade of anyone in the country
  • Dr. Jennifer Kim, one of our DA-2 residents received the highest grade of all DA-2 residents in the country
  • Dr. Aaron Sigona, one of our DA-1 residents received the highest grade of all DA-1 residents in the country
  • The lowest score from our residents was above the national mean
   These results indicate that we have very intelligent hard-working residents who are dedicated to learning. The results also indicate they are receiving an incredible education and training experience. Dr. Boorin, Dr. Pfeffer and I want to thank the physician anesthesia faculty and other faculty in the hospital who have worked with our residents to help them perform at this high academic level. Our program is unique from the other DA programs in the country.

   Thank you to everyone for your ideas, support and participation in educating our DA residents.
Anesthesia Technician News

Melissa A. Day, MS, CRNA, CCRN

   Please join me in welcoming Cassandre A. Aristilde, Anesthesia Technician to our Anesthesia Technician Team. Cassandre joins us with over 6 years experience working as an Anesthesia Technician. Cassandre started in the main operating room December 13, 2021. Welcome to our Anesthesia Technician Team Cassandre!!!
Anesthesia Interest Groups
Ursula Landman, DO

  On February 16 the NYITCOM Anesthesia Interest Group met. Two of our residents Christopher Seiter, DO and Giacamo Scorcese DO, both NYITCOM alumni, gave a fabulous presentation to the group about A Day in the Life of an Anesthesia Resident.

  On February 22 Stephen Vitkun, MD gave a thorough and concise presentation to the Stony Brook Anesthesia Interest Group on the airway. Students are very appreciative of these talks and look forward to them. In addition, students in both groups are looking forward to hearing more about the match process this year.
Perioperative Medicine Summit

Drs. Zhaosheng Jin and Deborah Richman attended the 17th Perioperative Medicine Summit and presented a poster "Utilization of Wearable Pedometer Devices in the Perioperative Period - a Systematic Review".
Dr. Figueroa Weds

Congratulations to CA-3 Carlos Figueroa and his wife Marica Illiano for tying the knot last month! Several Stony Brook Anesthesiology residents, attendings, and alumni were in attendance to celebrate their special day in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Additional photos
It's a Girl!

   Congratulations to Dr. Ishu Kant and his wife Jency on the arrival of their daughter Amelia earlier this month! Amelia weighed 6 lbs 6 oz. Mom, Dad, and Amelia are all doing well!
Sahana Pentyala Weds

Sahana Pentyala, daughter of Dr. Srinivas and Mrs. Sujanasri Pentyala, was married to Habiram Koppaka in February. The traditional Indian wedding ceremonies were held in Guntur, India. Sahana has been a familiar face around the department especially with her multifaceted roles in the SARAS program. We wish the newly married couple good health and much happiness!

Additional photos
What's Happening Alumni?

James P. Dilger, PhD

   SleepTalker is emailed to some 200 alums (faculty, residents and staff) each month. So, you know about us, but we don't know about you! We are starting a "Life After SB Anesthesia" column and would love to hear from you! Tell us your story or share a memory in the form of prose, poetry, and/or photos. Thanks to Dr. Deborah Richman for suggesting this!

   Thanks to Dr. Joy Schabel, the department's Residency Program webpage has testimonials from former residents. Former residents who would like to support our recruitment efforts can send their paean to Joy directly.
New Publications

Figure from Liu et al 2022
  • Ericksen WL, Levy JH, Kim ES, Nie L, Senzel LB, Bennett-Guerrero E. Thrombin Generation in Cardiac Versus Noncardiac Surgical Cohorts. Anesth Analg. 2022 Mar 1;134(3):606-614
  • Mustahsan VM, Helguero CG, He G, Komatsu DE, Hansen D, Pentyala S, Kao I, Khan F. 3D-Printed Guides in Bone Tumor Resection: Studying Their Error and Determining a Safety Margin for Surgery. Orthopedics. 2022 Feb 22:1-5
  • Brown AL, Wilkins OG, Keuss MJ, Hill SE, Zanovello M, Lee WC, Bampton A, Lee FCY, Masino L, Qi YA, Bryce-Smith S, Gatt A, Hallegger M, Fagegaltier D, Phatnani H; NYGC ALS Consortium (including Dubnau J), Newcombe J, Gustavsson EK, Seddighi S, Reyes JF, Coon SL, Ramos D, Schiavo G, Fisher EMC, Raj T, Secrier M, Lashley T, Ule J, Buratti E, Humphrey J, Ward ME, Fratta P. TDP-43 loss and ALS-risk SNPs drive mis-splicing and depletion of UNC13A. Nature. 2022 Feb 23
  • Liu Q, Li R, Lin J. No Difference Among Inhaled Anesthetics on the Growth and Metastasis of Murine 4T1 Breast Cancers in a Mouse Model of Spontaneous Metastasis. Front Pharmacol. 2022 Feb 9;13:794109
Photography Corner

James P. Dilger, PhD

Spring can't be too far off!
Where on Campus is That?

James P. Dilger, PhD
Monthly Muscle Chillaxant

We celebrated the January and February birthdays of Susan Cummings, Dr. TJ Gan, Jamie Romesier and Alexa Christophides!
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